The mission of The Russell J. Efros Foundation is to sprout creativity by providing direct support and community access to artists.

Founded in loving memory of Russell J. Efros, affectionately known to his friends and family as ‘Russell Sprouts’, the foundation is dedicated to empowering artists to express their creativity and spotlighting the value of art and culture in our society. We do this by providing financial support to artists and creating a network for collaboration and exposure through events, programming and community outreach.

Introducing the Sprout Fund. A commitment to provide direct funding to artists so that artists can continue to make a positive impact through their talent and creativity. Started with $50,000 in June 2021 and continuing on an ongoing basis.

We are dedicated to building a safe, warm and nurturing community for artists to express themselves, share their talents, create and collaborate with other artists and gain access to the resources that they need to sprout and flourish. We cannot do this without your help. Any amount is incredibly helpful and greatly appreciated.

Our featured donors and sponsors

We are so grateful for our generous donors that commit to providing annual support to the RJE Foundation at a giving level