About Russell

Russell was a New York based filmmaker & musician. He wrote, directed, produced and edited narrative- based short films and music videos. He also wrote, recorded and performed music with his band, Plain Dog, as lead singer and guitarist.  

Russell was drawn to the arts at an early age. His toy chest was filled with instruments and costumes, which he used in his performances for family, friends and the camcorder. His notebooks were filled with doodles and lyrics drawn over science and math assignments. Russell’s imagination was boundless and his creative journeys continued as he matured into a musician and songwriter. 

Russell had the opportunity in high school to split the school day attending his local high school and Long Island High School for the Arts (BOCES), where he received a financial scholarship award for his film work. Following high school, Russell continued his film education at the School of Visual Arts (SVA), majoring in Film and Video and Directing, where he continued to make his mark on the Brooklyn arts scene.

Russell thrived in a creative world allowing him to transform his knowledge into various forms of art. He served in various roles in film and television at CBS (Production Assistant, “Blue Bloods”), Milk Studios & Legs Media, Elara Pictures (Production Assistant, Feature Film), Ghetto Gastro (Production Assistant, Runner, “Black Panther” Feature Film Segment), Saturday Night Live (Freelance Production Assistant, “Good Neighbor Film Unit”) and Be Electric Studios (Assistant Studio Manager). He pursued his career all while writing, directing, producing and editing his own narrative- based short films and music videos and following his passion in music as a songwriter, lead singer and guitarist with his band, Plain Dog, a Brooklyn based rock group. Among Plain Dog’s many performances and accomplishments, in 2017, their song “A Girl Named Phil” was featured in the 99th episode of the hit TV comedy, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”.

Russell’s academic and professional achievements are notable, but the most remarkable is Russell’s warm-hearted, authentic and inclusive nature. Russell was the person who reached out to the new kid on the block, from childhood to adulthood – helping others navigate their way in their new settings to feel welcomed and safe. He was the go-to for friends, always providing clarity and perspective in the most difficult of situations. His devotion to family and his puppies was unwavering. His ability to provide unconditional support and kindness to all that he encountered with no judgment is inspiring. These traits and core values guide and motivate the RJE team in all that we do and we are dedicated to following Russell’s lead in providing support to artists and establishing a welcoming and safe community for them to thrive.

Film & Videos

“Cherry Cola” – Plain Dog (Official Music Video)
Written, Directed, Produced & Edited by: Russell J. Efros & Alec Nicholas