Quarantine Check-In: BOYO || Musician || Los Angeles

Wednesday May 6, 2020

I first met BOYO in February of 2019 at Ted, a member of Hot Flash Heat Wave’s, home. BOYO and Hot Flash Heat Wave were on tour together and were staying in Fairfield for a few days. I happened to be visiting Davis, California (coming from Brooklyn) during that time and decided to hangout for the night. BOYO and my first conversation was in Ted’s kitchen. We were talking about some health struggles we’ve both experienced which eventually led us unable to drive. 

During that conversation, I realized that there are so many musicians out there that could struggle with their own health issues, and I would probably never know unless I was an intimate and safe setting to share/talk about those things. I found Robert to be a sincere person during that first interaction. 

I returned to Brooklyn a few days later, and the next week, BOYO and Hot Flash Heat Wave were playing a show in Brooklyn! BOYO’s performance was mesmerizing and full of powerful and emotional vocals…which I then related back to our conversation. 

His new record comes out June 2020.

Today, BOYO released his video “Tough Kid” via Park The Van Records

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