Quarantine Check-In: Nick Fulton || Music & Culture Writer || New York City

Friday May 15, 2020

To start off this little blog, I would like to first introduce Nick Fulton, a Music & Culture Writer currently based in New York City. I chose Nick to start off the “Quarantine Check-In” because I was curious to see the perspective of someone who is always writing about others.

Nick’s latest publication for i-D, “How collaborating virtually is helping musicians deal with self-isolation”, shows a wide range of perspectives from  different artists during this time. I also was happy to see a mental health aspect included.

 I met Nick through a multi-person Skype interview that he was writing for i-D. (During this interview, I was holding my hedgehog, Bruce, in my hands. While answering one of Nick’s questions, Bruce decided to pee all over me…and then poop. 🙁  )

Not only is he a reputable writer for i-D, but he has numerous publications for Billboard, Grammy.com, THE FADER, Vice, Pitchfork, Noisey, Vice, Grammy Magazine, and SO many more.

Connect with Nick: