Sprout Fund

The RJE Sprout Fund was established in 2021 to support artists across the nation with direct funds in order to provide financial means to projects that will be completed within a 12 month period.

All artists are encouraged to apply – formally trained, self-taught, and those whose creative work falls outside of traditional forms of art. Artists are also encouraged to apply for funds for projects that involve their communities such as art classes, therapy, outreach, and non-traditional projects.

Over $50,000 was awarded in June of 2021. Applications are accepted year-round with awards generally made every two years in late-Spring.
Our next award will be granted in June 2023.

Funds will be prioritized for artists working with audiences, topics, or subject matter relating to mental wellness and art therapy.

Russell Efros was a community builder and believed strongly in the importance of collaboration. Russell was often helping friends and family with their projects and understood that one person could make a difference. The Sprout Fund, named in honor of “Russell Sprouts”, as his close friends and family called him, seeks to continue Russell’s work and support fellow artists from across the nation.

Artists seeking funding should complete the application form. Recipients are selected by the RJE Foundation board and leadership.

Our next award will be granted in June 2023.

Applications for the Sprout Fund are currently closed.

Interested in supporting the Sprout Fund? All donations to the RJE Foundation enable the foundation to provide immediate resources that are directed to current needs and opportunities to support artists.

FAQ for Artists:

How do I apply for support from the Sprout Fund? Simply fill out the application form at rjefoundation.org. Only submission via the online form will be accepted. For those who need assistance, please contact us. Please include as much information as possible so we can best assess the need for the funds and the value of the investment.

Is there a set amount of funding that the RJE Foundation will provide to an individual project? No, artists should include the amount that they are seeking on their application. The RJE Foundation may provide requested or lesser amounts.

Do I have to do anything to qualify? All participants are encouraged to follow the RJE Foundation on social media. Artists should also think about the impact of their project and how the project might impact others. Participants must be 18 years or older to apply.

If I receive funds do I have to do anything else? Artists who receive funds must acknowledge the RJE Foundation on any social media or marketing posts related to the project and include the hashtag #sproutingcreativity. We also hope that you will share the news with friends and family, through social media or other forms to promote the program and to encourage others to apply. Finally, we hope you become involved in the RJE community, through our programming, fundraising events, and other offerings.

Can I apply for funding for multiple projects? Yes. The RJE foundation will make awards based on the project’s goals and impact, not based on the artist applying.  If you’ve got great ideas that need funding – keep them coming! Recipients of funding are asked to wait 12 months before applying for additional funding.

Who can I contact if I have questions about the application and/or Sprout Fund? Please contact us with any questions about the application or the Sprout Fund at hello@rjefoundation.org.